Baidyanath Sarpgandhaghan Bati (10g, Pack of 2)


Addresses the issues like Lack of Adequate Sleep, High Blood Pressure, Dizziness and Insomnia

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About Baidyanath
Much before mankind learnt about life sciences, much before any other discipline of medicine could even be conceived, one discipline of life science had evolved into a complete treatise on prevention and cure of human elements.

More than 5000 years ago, in India originated a science by the name Ayurveda – `Ayu` meaning life and Veda meaning dealing in essence, for the the maintenance of physical, mental, social and spiritual health of an individual. A life science that aimed at prevention as much as cure, it soon came to find favour in whole of Asia as well as Middle East, Turkey, Greece and Egypt. Ayurveda is an understanding of the remedial powers of nature and all Ayurvedic formulations are made from extracts of herbs, fruits, seeds, roots, gum, flowers and lateX

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