Liv a Gain capsule can be taken as a preventive, protective as well as to treat jaundice and hepatitis. Regular consumption normalises liver functions resulting in improved digestion, reduction in bloating, gas and acidity. One of the most effective liver protecting products in the market, Liv a Gain capsule helps in reducing and eliminating hepatitis B and E viral infections. Hepatitis E is normal during seasonal changes and during rainy season through contaminated water to infect liver. Improved liver functions make one more energetic, normalising appetite and improving overall well being. The capsules can be consumed by elderly people and children above 10 years of age, after consultation from a physician. 1 capsule twice a day with meals, is the normal dosage. Adequate quantity of water must be ingested after consumption of the capsule. Recommend to take Liv a Gain capsule continuously for 3 months where required.

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Elements Wellness Liv a Gain capsule is a proprietary ayurvedic medicine. It has a novel combination of herbs known in Ayurveda for treating liver problems (sluggish liver, infected liver, fatty liver). The herbs in Liv a Gain have been shown in publishe


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