Elements WELLNESS URI fLUSH-3 PLUS Tablets 60 TABS


The product is the result of years of research and experience by a reputed urologist. It is made from s a clinically proven natural active.Containing potent herbs and ksharas to help dissolve, dislodge and flush out 3 different types of kidney stones (struvite, brucite and oxalates). This has been proven by experience in patients. Patients with stones problem to take one tablet twice a day with water. In severe cases 2 tablets twice a day is recommended. Take one tablet twice a day along with Uri Flush 3 liquid for best results beneficial. Recommended to take at least one month and consult a physician or a healthcare professional.

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Elements Wellness Uri Flush 3 Plus tablets is a proprietary ayurvedic medicine designed for those on the move. Easy to carry while travelling. The tablet contains specially processed “kshara” from Kadali and Yavak which along with other herbs helps to dis


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