Elements WELLNESS URI fLUSH 3 Liquid 200 ml


Regular consumption of UriFlush 3 liquid helps to flush out stones from kidney and ureter in a natural way. Herbs in Uri Flush also help reduce inflammation, provide anti-bacterial activity. Punarnava in this product helps reduce uric acid levels also. Uri Flush 3 liquid is to be taken by affected persons 2 tea spoons full (10ml) twice daily. In severe cases 1 table spoon full (15ml) may be taken twice daily. Recommended to take for at least one month and consult a physician or a healthcare professional as required.

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Disturbed kidney functions, not drinking sufficient water and fluids, improper diet, holding on and reduced passing of urine, certain infections and other factors may lead to formation of stones either in the kidney or in the ureters that flush the urine


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