Ayurvedic texts and published scientific studies have shown that the ingredients used in Diabalife capsules help in increasing insulin sensitivity and stimulate pancreas to secrete insulin. Areca nut and neem are also known to stimulate liver functions that support glucose metabolism. Regular consumption of Diabalife with a healthy life style and exercise supports management of blood sugar level and also manages HbA1C level. These 100% vegetarian capsules can be consumed by both pre diabetic and diabetic patients. Regular consumption along with regular medication, with a gap of 1 hour between them is recommended. As with all products consumed by diabetics, periodic monitoring of blood sugar levels and HbA1C is recommended along with consultation with a physician.

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On & On Diabalife Capsules is a research based proprietary Ayurvedic medicine. Primary ingredient is a specially processed garlic extract that provides stabilized allicin. Amongst many activities of garlic, its ability to work in diabetic patients through


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