Sandu Aptilift (200ml)


Ayurvedic Appetizer & Digestive Tonic

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  • –┬áSandu Aptilift contains Mahalunga [Bijora Nimbu], a powerful digestive stimulant. It stimulates salivation and triggers appetite
  • – Saindhav & Sauvarchal Lavan support the functions of Mahalunga, promoting and stimulating digestion. It enhances the assimilation of nutrients and reduces the incidence of constipation and flatulence
  • – Shunthi, Maricha, and Pippali together are powerful appetite stimulants and digestives. They are bioavailability enhancers and further improve the process of absorption and assimilation of nutrients by the body
  • – Haritaki has a laxative action to correct bloating, flatulence, and constipation
  • – Chitrak combats abdominal disorders gives proper consistency to stools, and also improves appetite


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